STAUT architects’ approach

STAUT is a multidisciplinary design studio with expertise in urban development, architecture and interior. We assist both private individuals, developers and government authorities in new construction and renovation projects.

STAUT searches for locality, for a local architectural language. Whether this is a project with our neighbour or on the other side of the world, our goal is to create exciting places and spaces that are locally anchored. Sometimes we discover the usefulness of undeveloped land, sometimes we rediscover forgotten area and sometimes existing propositions and principles are confirmed.

STAUT is audacious , critical, asks questions and provides answers. We question all dimensions of architecture, we turn inside out, in order to arrive at a well-founded synthesis: the project definition, the context, the design, the offers, are subjected to a critical look. We are looking for spatial answers that fit in with a social context.

STAUT always starts from a positive attitude and participates openly in the realisation of the client’s ambitions. With a realistic optimism we are tackling design issues to achieve win-win situations. Our challenge is to turn restrictions into benefits.

STAUT is working on a diversity of programs and this different scale. This is very stimulating for us as designers and benefits every project.

Working with STAUT is always passively oriented to search together for inspiring spatial solutions.