CLIENTMunicipality Boechout
FUNCTIONKindergarten and music school
TEAMFilip Jacobs
Roeland Smits
Gert Janssens
Stéphanie Gielen
Ellen Van Mechelen
PHOTOSNick Claeskens

The historical structure of the school shows a clear graduation of a building block. It is a typical growth pattern of monasteries – formed around a chancel – on which classical school buildings were inspired.

The project proposal intends to subscribe fully to the tradition of school typology. This creates two defined open spaces, which present themselves as playgrounds. Iconic to the site is the mill that stands in the immediate vicinity of the school. It is aspired to create a relationship with the mill from each new classroom. A relationship with the mill is also maintained from under the existing library canopy, which functions as an entrance to the school. A rotated shed roof creates a generous indoor playground, which in the broad school concept can be used for other purposes as well. The school embraces the existing gymnasium, on the elementary school side, creating uniformity in the architecture and legibility of the whole. The roof binds everything together.

Classrooms will be arranged around the indoor playground. Within the layout of the plan, much attention is paid to the transitions between park – classroom – playground. Here the classroom is referred to as a place of contemplation and ‘learning’, and the play areas (inside and outside) as spaces of play, adventure and dynamism. In between, intermediate spaces are designed to make the transition from play to class. At the level of the transition classroom – indoor playground, this is realized by a checkroom area with coat racks and book bags. At the level of the transition from classroom to park, this is achieved by a classroom garden.