• Project afbeelding voor Granted renovation of pavilions
    Granted renovation of pavilions

    GO! Flanders has decided to award the renovation project for SBSO Zonnebos in ‘s Gravenwezel to us. The project includes the renovation of four pavilions. We are greatly looking forward to this collaboration!

  • Project afbeelding voor Welcome Jordy
    Welcome Jordy

    Jordy is studying architectural drawing in Heusden-Zolder. As part of his studies, he has chosen to do his internship at STAUT architects. Besides architectural drawing, he also has several years of experience in construction.

  • Project afbeelding voor STAUT on ArchDaily
    STAUT on ArchDaily

    ArchDaily has included the Jan Frans Willem kindergarten and music academy of STAUT-Perifer on their platform. We are extremely proud that the project was selected. Link:

  • Project afbeelding voor Projects tour
    Projects tour

    STAUT on project tour. The entire team visited current sites and projects that were completed several years ago. It was an educational day and a nice reunion of satisfied clients.

  • Project afbeelding voor WELL BUILDING STANDARD

    STAUT participates in WELL Building Standard workshop. WELL is a performance standard for buildings aimed at improving the health and well-being of the people who live and work in those buildings. Developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), it takes a holistic approach to optimizing the impact of buildings on the health of their occupants.

  • Project afbeelding voor Article ‘Architectura’
    Article ‘Architectura’

    Publication of Amadys office furnishings:

  • Project afbeelding voor Aperitivo time
    Aperitivo time

    It is not without reason that the Italians are proud of their aperitivo. The word is derived from the Latin ‘aperire’, which means to open. It therefore refers to opening the stomach for the next meal. Our client’s love for Italy translates not without reason into a nice and atmospheric bar where you can enjoy ‘Aperetivo’ with friends.

  • Project afbeelding voor Formwork of the platform ready
    Formwork of the platform ready

    Contractor Brebuild has completed the complex formwork for the play platform in the Omnimundo school. The concrete will be poured soon. The concrete structure remains visible. We are curious about the end result within 28 days. The final surface area of the playground will increase by almost 30%.

  • Project afbeelding voor MSC Belgium phase two delivered
    MSC Belgium phase two delivered

    Phase two of the office expansion for MSC Belgium has been completed. The well-being of the staff is central to this office design. Classic office functions can be fulfilled flexibly according to the needs of the moment. STAUT is very happy with the positive feedback from the users.

  • Project afbeelding voor Start building play platform
    Start building play platform

    The contractor Brebuild has started the construction of the play platform for the Omnimundo school. The existing playground was too small for the kindergarten and primary school. An additional raised play area will also serve as a canopy. This design assignment is for the Municipal Education of Antwerp.

  • Project afbeelding voor Welcome Kristina!
    Welcome Kristina!

    Kristina is a passionate architect, do-it-yourselfer and project supervisor at Eindhoven University of Technology. She has an extensive international background and is originally from Lithuania. Kristina studied in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and China, after which she eventually settled in Belgium! Within architecture, she is particularly interested in qualitative renovations, reuse, and ecological construction within a challenging architectural context.

  • Project afbeelding voor Renovation Grétrystraat delivered
    Renovation Grétrystraat delivered

    The renovation of a mansion in Grétrystraat in Antwerp has been completed. In addition to a facade renovation and redesign of a new bathroom, the kitchen was also thoroughly renovated. The old glory of the building was restored.

  • Project afbeelding voor Offices become studios
    Offices become studios

    STAUT received the assignment to convert a small office building in Antwerp’s Diamand district into studios. The renovation will take place in phases.

  • Project afbeelding voor Office Manuport
    Office Manuport

    STAUT has been commissioned to design an office for Manuport. An existing anonymous office building in the port of Antwerp will be transformed into a contemporary office. You can find more information later on the project page.

  • Project afbeelding voor Home + practice
    Home + practice

    The construction site for a house with physiotherapist practice in Wommelgem has started. A detached house from the 1970s is being thoroughly renovated and expanded. Delivery is scheduled for early 2024.

  • Project afbeelding voor Welcome Safayiou!
    Welcome Safayiou!

    Safayiou studied to become an architect in both Brussels and Antwerp. He enjoyed an Erasmus education in Nantes where he worked around the ‘Ferme Urbaine’. Safayiou’s master’s thesis concerned ‘revillaging’, a strategy that was developed for Vosselaar in the Kempen. Besides architecture, Safayiou is passionate about football!

  • Project afbeelding voor New photo report KDR
    New photo report KDR

    The Kaardijkstraat home has been completed. We sent photographer Nick Claeskens to make a photo report of this nice renovation and extension. You can find more information later on the project page.

  • Project afbeelding voor Welcome Barbara!
    Welcome Barbara!

    Barbara comes from Barcelona and also studies architecture there. As an Erasmus student, she completed her training in Antwerp and recently joined the STAUT team as an intern.

  • Project afbeelding voor Welcome Emma
    Welcome Emma

    Emma De Decker studies interior design at the Thomas More Institute in Mechelen. As part of her training, she has chosen to continue her interior internship at STAUT architects and of course we think that is great! Emma previously studied journalism and has a passion for running.

  • Project afbeelding voor Containers repurposed
    Containers repurposed

    Three of their well-known sea containers will be converted into a temporary bar and lounge area for MSC Belgium. The containers will be built in a separate workshop in the coming months and then transported to Antwerp.

  • Project afbeelding voor Renovation Kapelleveldstraat
    Renovation Kapelleveldstraat

    A small-scale renovation was carried out in this terraced house in Boechout. The previous plan layout ensured that little daylight entered the home. The new design for the ground floor provides an open plan. A central dome allows an abundance of daylight.